Every Pet Deserves a Loving Home Forever - How The Plushy Saves Pets In Need.

Posted by IM V on

At Plushy, our mission goes beyond creating the most comfortable, cozy and ultra warm hoodie blanket imaginable. When you ordered your Plushy it meant so much more than just a great purchase or gift for you or your loved one. 

That special purchase decision you made also directly helps all types of animals that are stranded without a home.

See the thing is, here at Plushy HQ, everytime we receive an order our team has a little smile on their face. You know why?

Because that order directly goes to helping the most vulnerable dogs and cats stranded in kennels to find a loving, warm and safe home. 

We donate a % of all profits to NO-KILL shelters around the world. 

What is a No-Kill shelter? No Kill shelters commit to helping every animal that enters find a loving and safe home, no matter what.

Last months donation went directly to the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home - The Only Non-For-Profit Pound in Sydney.

If you haven't already yet, we invite you to join us on our social channels so you can keep up to date on our initiatives.

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