The Ultimate Review of the Viral Wearable Hoodie The Plushy

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When I came across the Plushy I was literally sitting on my couch with my pup Oliver. I think it was TikTok or Instagram (can't remember) but the ad I saw was hilarious. I'd seen these large oversize hoodies with the Oodie and Cozy but I was never really drawn to buy one. They looked super comfy and cozy but I felt the designs were pretty bland and boring.

That's until I discovered the Plushy! A fully customisable wearable blanket that looks awesome. I immediately decided to purchase one on their website with my pup Oliver's face on it. 

How to Order the Plushy Successfully

The Plushy Oversized Wearable Hoodie Wearable Blanket Customise Your Pet Oodie

The Plushy Website Ordering Process 
Ordering the Plushy is really simple and very intuitive. You firstly choose the number of pets you'd like on the Plushy , then choose a photo of your pup - you can upload it from your phone, Instagram. Facebook or even your local file storage software. The Plushy art team will edit it for free so you just need to upload the photo and they do the rest. Just make sure the photo is clear and not pixelated. 

From there you can decide on the base colour of the Plushy. You have 9 colour options. I opted to go for the white colour (I prefer white) and the dog paw pattern.

From there I checked out and paid using Afterpay (it only cost about $25 per week for 4 weeks) which is very affordable. Considering the Oodie is $100, the Plushy is fully customised to your pet and liking and is a similar price. If you order more than one they even include priority express shipping for free. The Plushy is the real deal and they are really offering the market something unique and awesome so I felt confident in my purchase.

You should checkout their reviews online. The Plushy has a 5 star review average which is really impressive. There are so many happy photo reviews which are super cute to check out.

Plushy Reviews are an amazing 5 star average ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Unboxing and Arrival 

Plushy Packaging and Unboxing

The Plushy arrived after about 14 days and came in custom packaging. It was well packed with a clear shrink type wrap to protect it. I thought it might be a little wrinkled as I unpacked it but it quickly expanded (kind of like the mattress in a box) and WOW - the size and feel is AMAZING. So so smooth and cuddly. 

It is HUGE - bigger than the Oodie by about 5cm in length. I'm 6ft 3inches tall and it almost reaches my knees. I can definitely see myself spending all day in it especially in winter.

The Artwork, Detail and Features of the Plushy 

The artwork is superb. Super high quality drawing that you can tell has taken some time and is by a real artist. I was super impressed. As you can see below the artwork came out pixel for pixel perfect. 

Plushy Quality Materials and Review of Plushy Art Custom Pet Hoodie

Why the Plushy is better than the Oodie, Cozy, Snuggy, Frenchie Wear etc

The Oodie is a great all round hooded wearable blanket but the lack of cool designs and personalisation is a big let down. I'm obsessed with wearing my Plushy and receive so many compliments. Having something personalised just for me is a real treat and the fact I can walk to the cafe and dog park in my very own wearable blanket is superb. I'm seriously impressed.
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