Modern Slavery, Supply Chain and Social Responsibility

Modern Slavery Statement

This is the first Modern Slavery Statement made by Plushy
(Referred to throughout as ‘The Plushy’).

This Statement provides a consolidated description of the actions taken to
identify, manage, assess and address the risk of modern slavery in the
operations and supply chains of The Plushy for the period July 2021 to June

The Plushy is committed to respecting human rights and striving positively
to impact all people who we depend upon across our value chain.

Respect for human rights is at the forefront of our ethical business conduct.

Social Accountability Policy

The Plushy is striving to be a leading industry player, and as such we recognizes that the products we produce and processes we employ are of high quality and meet the
demanding standards of our customers. They must be produced in a manner
which is sustainable and takes into account environmental and social interests.

The Plushy also recognises that Corporate Social Responsibility goes well
beyond that. As a leading recognised economic force, The Plushy embraces its responsibility, not just as a good corporate citizen, but to foster an economically viable community and empower people.

In addition, we are also committed to:
- eliminating child labour, forced labour, discrimination, bribery & corruption,
- fulfilling the local law compliance, legal eligibility to work, working hours and
wages & payments promoting and protecting the health, safety, well-being,
freedom of association, working conditions of our employees, contractors
and local communities.

As such, our commitment to sustainability is as much about establishing a
conducive working environment and a thriving social infrastructure as it is about
caring for the environment. We are achieving this with a focus on continual
improvement, through the adherence and applications of the Environmental
Management System and Plushy’s Environmental, Social, Health and Safety
Policies and Best Practices.

Supply Chain Compliance and Testing

The Plushy values its reputation of conducting business honestly and with integrity. We therefore expect our suppliers to maintain a commitment to strong ethical standards.

Our commitment to uphold the principles of human rights across our operations and supply chains relate to:

  • Factory production
  • Packaging supply
  • Asset Management supply chain
  • Operational and Corporate supply chain

The Plushy is dedicated to delivering responsible and ethical business practices in our supply chain and working with our stakeholders to ensure that we conduct business responsibly and sustainably. Our policies, procedures and practices are subjected to auditing by independent officials on an annual basis.

The Plushy alongside its partners and suppliers conducts regular safety audits into factories to ensure compliance to best practices.

Our most recent assessment was July 2021. This assessment is available upon request.

Our Pledge for Continual Improvement

The Plushy is dedicated to respecting human rights and eliminating modern slavery.

The Plushy understands that strong policies and procedures are the key to identifying
and managing human rights, including modern slavery, within our supply chain and understand that it is one area of continuous improvement.

The Plushy commits to:

  • Further engage with our suppliers to increase awareness of modern slavery practices and identify any modern slavery risks in the supply chain
  • Establish a working group, led by our Director, which will continue to provide support and monitor accountability on the actions taken
  • Develop a procurement code of conduct to deliver sustainable procurement outcomes to support positive social, environmental, economic outcomes, including addressing modern slavery and human rights when procuring goods and services.
  • Increasing employee awareness of our enhanced human rights strategy
  • Continue to review and formalise ethical sourcing policies and practices to existing supplier assurance processes, including the introduction of a supplier code of conduct
  • Continue to communicate modern slavery risks and mitigation activities across our supply channel

The Plushy has consulted with key stakeholders to compile this Modern Slavery Statement.

Our Directors has been involved in the endorsement of this Statement for approval. The Director has approved this Statement on behalf of The Plushy